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  • Smart Data Reach

    Thanks to its advanced matching technology, Smart Data Reach enables you to optimally enrich your data by using the large amounts of data available on the Internet, in order to enrich your company's operational processes and optimize your activities.

  • Corporate Move Prediction

    Our solution automates the collection of corporate news, financial data, and market data to predict the probability that your prospects will move within 12-24 months, allowing you to provide sales teams with qualified leads.

  • Smart data quality AI solution

    Smart Data Quality

    More than ever, organizations are looking to increase the value of their data. Most are hampered by poor data quality, which can end up costing up to 20% of the revenue. Smart Data Quality solution uses AI to enhance your teams’ expertise, allowing you to monitor and improve the quality of your data

  • Weather & Climate

    Climate and weather conditions have a major influence on many companies, both in terms of commercial results and customer satisfaction. It is thus crucial for them to integrate these parameters into the analysis of their business data, and their operational processes.

  • Energy Platform

    Optimize your business by leveraging Heka Energy Data Lake and pre-built AI Modules