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Reg Review
Strengthen your regulatory compliance

Our Reg Review solution uses AI to help compliance and risk teams navigate challenges like regulatory inflation, technicalities, increased regulator monitoring, managing local specificities, strengthening teams, and more.

Benefits for your compliance team

Optimize your regulatory watch by automating legal research and searches on official sites

Management the department and all regulatory processes within the same tool

Automated, personalized monitoring of regulatory trends


Customized dashboard

Track ongoing regulatory watch activities:

  • Stay up-to-date on regulatory developments
  • Identify new regulatory issues that will impact your business
  • Track the progress of your regulatory projects
AI search engine, automatic analysis of regulatory texts

Dedicated search engine

 Keep up-to-date on regulatory news that may impact your organization: 

  • A comprehensive database of over 130 000 articles from more than 50 regulatory sources
  • AI that analyzes regulatory publications to facilitate research

Tool for managing analyses and regulatory compliance actions

Coordinate regulatory compliance processes from a single platform:

  • Select a publication to process, define the analyses to carry out, specify validation procedures, and assign tasks to your employees
  • Visualize how your projects are progressing and maintain a log of operations.

Our clients

Reg Review enabled the improvement of a major Asian bank Central Compliance Team's efficiency in the handling of regulatory updates. Reg review was used to automate and implement a regulatory update/change process and system to achieve more efficiencies, accurately track deadlines and action items, and improve the audit trails.

Multi-countries pilot to test Reg Review solution

Every bank Central Compliance Team handles around 2000+ circulars from regulators every year. Current handling process is manual and is considered as inefficient, on both communication and record keeping. Reg Review was implemented to automate the regulatory circular management process by implementing AI combined with a workflow system to optimize the current process as well as to enhance tracking and management reporting would increase the efficiency.

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