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Smart data quality AI solution

Smart Data Quality
Make your Data Quality treatments easier and more efficient thanks to AI!

More than ever, organizations are looking to increase the value of their data. Most are hampered by poor data quality, which can end up costing up to 20% of the revenue. Smart Data Quality solution uses AI to enhance your teams’ expertise, allowing you to monitor and improve the quality of your data

Benefits for your teams

Reduce data management costs by cleaning your database; detect 90% of duplicates

Boost the impact of your marketing campaigns by enriching your data sets; complete and correct 70% of your data

Facilitate your decision making with better data quality; detect outliers with 95% accuracy


Target poor-quality data


  • Identify abnormal patterns in your datasets
  • Benefit from an exhaustive data quality analysis to then implement corrective actions

Get rid of duplicates !

  • Gather the experts’ feedback to build an efficient algorithm relevant to your context thanks to our Auto ML bricks
  • Visualize, in real-time, the results of the algorithm
  • Check the technical performance of the algorithm
  • Export the results by one clic

Enrich your databases

  • Build a data enrichment algorithm capitalizing in our machine learning bricks
  • Choose a classical enrichment data source or a personalized one by validating the enrichment data
  • Visualize the results and the performance of the enrichment algorithm
  • Export the enriched data by one click

Complete your data

Import your data, and let our Machine Learning algorithm fill in missing values automatically



  • Create a collaborative environment with a single click and integrate all teams in your data quality initiative 
  • Select the experts you would like to involve

Our clients

French Utilities player

A French Utilities player was in the middle of its CRM migration. Our client decided to take profit of this situation to cleanse its customers’ database. Smart Data Quality was used to point out and delete all the duplicates within its CRM database. The performance of the algorithm was higher than 90%.

French Energy Provider

In order to build an efficient customer segmentation, this Energy provider wanted to use the French public data. Smart Data Quality helps our client to enrich its customer data with the Open Data available.

French gas supplier

To prioritize the maintenance of its grid connections, our client, a gas provider, wanted to detect social housing. We provided him with our Smart Data Quality solution to enrich its data with data coming from social landlords to identify these connections.

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