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Deep Review
Leveraging AI to analyze online reviews on your points of sale and products

The increasing number of online customer reviews about the point of sale and brands, more generally, is a goldmine for analyzing the customer experience. Our AI solution, Deep Review, automates the centralization of customer feedback, as well as its analysis and comparison with the competition.

Benefits for your marketing team

Track the evolution of your customer experience performance, including how you compare with competitors.

A solution that interfaces with all of your customer listening and sales performance monitoring tools.

Consolidation of customer feedback on all social networks, comparators, internal tools, etc.


A customized & adaptable dashboard

Define your search filters (period, scope, theme, etc.) and analyze your network’s global performance:

  • Analyze customer reviews on configurable scopes
  • Monitor key customer review indicators
  • Identify sources of satisfaction and discontent through sentiment and thematic analyses

Analysis and optimization of your network implementation

Analyze the performance of points of sale according to customers’ geographical and socio-professional characteristics

Evaluation and monitoring of your impact

Analyze and monitor how your actions impact customer experience: 

  • Evaluate the impact of corrective actions by monitoring the evolution of customer satisfaction, the volume of comments, and their distribution by score.
  • Refine your analysis by setting up a monitoring system for all customer comments, or for specific themes.

An internal comparator and competitive benchmark

Study the competition and analyze where they stand out, from the customers’ point-of-view: 

  • Compare your customer reviews with those of competitors
  • Compare of points of sale within your network

A response tool and alert system for reviews

Reply to all reviews posted online on the original platform:

  • Use the natural language understanding (NLU) tool to interpret the intent behind reviews and automate responses.
  • Set up alerts based on your needs (specific themes, discontent, recency, etc.)

Our clients

Regional Tourism Comity of a French region

The Regional Tourism Comity of a French region decided to carry out a new diagnosis using Data Science tools and took advantage of the considerable amount of qualitative data available on the Internet to better understand tourists' feelings.

French player in the energy sector

A French player in the energy sector wanted to improve its customers’ satisfaction and understand areas for improvement in its services offering. Sia Partners conducted an analysis of the themes that emerged from customer satisfaction surveys.

French Government Agency

In order to improve target health-risk establishments and better protect the consumer, Sia Partners supported a French government entity in leveraging online reviews to automatically detect health non-compliance risks in food and beverage establishments.

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