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Back & Safe
Post-lockdown digital tool

We wish to propose a digital solution to help companies ensure a safe and peaceful return to work for a significant number of employees post-lockdown

dashboard Back and Safe interface

A personalized dashboard

  • Make sure your employees have access to the latest corporate communications
  • Update the attendance of your employees and provide them with an on-site attendance request form.
  • Make sure that all of your employees' questions are addressed through a contextualized chatbot


On-site presence management, access conditions, QR code

Anticipate on-site presence

  • Enable your employees to generate and manage their on-site presence requests
  • Communicate the access conditions for each site
  • Set up a systematic flashing of QR Code check-in & check-out to control the limits of each site's traffic.
Contact tracing and Individual support

Personalized support for employees

  • Contact tracing: provide your employees with their social distancing index, alert them of risky contact with a person who has tested positive, and set up a notification system to provide them with recommendations adapted to each situation in real time.
  • Individual support: Listen to your employees with the Mood Meter tool, the employee's daily "well-being" indicator, and with self-diagnosis forms to accompany them in the event of symptoms. Also offer them an integrated teleconsultation service for personalized support directly on site.


Presence management, reporting, use indicators

Features dedicated to site managers

  • Manage the presence on your premises in real time with a fine referencing of the premises, a tool for managing the number of occupants, the recording of accesses and compulsory routes, and a system for editing a QR code or daily access pass for authorized employees in the office.
  • Automate reporting on occupancy rates, home-office, management of premises decontamination, etc.
  • Monitor your employees' use of the Back&Safe tool with reporting on the use of the application, QR Code flashing, an alert system for certain employees, and a Mood Meter tool.


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Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions by Sia Partners